The following is a list of few screenshots captured during surfing the internet using Mozilla with TrustBar extenstion installed.

Non secured site
Unprotected login to important sites
TrustBar contaning textual descriptions
TrustBar containing visual descriptions
TrustBar containing site's credentials logos (Next phase - future design)
TrustBar Dialog

TrustBar safe region notfies the user about entering a non secured page.

This the hard reality of the internet,unprotected login to important sites

TrustBar shows the site's organization name and its certificate authority.

TrustBar shows the site and its certificate authority logos

This is the TrustBar design for the coming phase.In this phase, we will add credentials for sites.

This is the TrustBar dialog for editing the site's details.

The trustbar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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